Marketing technology Services

Are you using the right marketing technology for your business? Do you have access to tools that can make your marketing better? Are you getting a good ROI on the marketing technology you are using?

If the answer to any of these three questions is a no, it is time you get in touch with us for- Marketing Technology Consulting. We understand very well that choosing the right marketing technology is always a tough decision to make. There are multiple factors that influence it and they are as follows:-

  • Budget
  • Existing marketing processes
  • Existing marketing tools
  • Level of tech awareness

To figure out the right marketing technology for your business, you need to have a deeper understanding of technology and marketing processes. If you don’t hire someone who has that understanding about marketing and its related technologies. It becomes difficult for you to find out what is the best technology available for your business.

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    Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation systems have evolved over the past few years. Starting from automating email campaigns and managing databases, today they allow organizations to create personalized websites in real-time.

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    360 Analytics

    With the right analytics tools, you are better equipped to have logical reasoning behind your campaigns and can spend on the campaigns that have a higher probability of generating results.

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    Content Management Systems

    Content Management Systems can help streamline your organizations’ efforts and provide insights on content consumption patterns allowing you to create content that matters to your target audience. Understanding your needs we can suggest the right set of tools.

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    Data Science & Analytics

    With so much data floating around, businesses need to create environments and ecosystems that allow them to properly handle and understand it. Data science and analytics is a crucial strategic element of doing just this.

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    Advertising & Retargeting

    Retargeting and Advertising tools are leveraged to communicate your message to the right audience. While advertising is broader-based, Retargeting, using specific tools can help you deliver your message to the right target audience generating a much better RoI on the dollars spent than advertising.

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    Social Media & SEO Tools

    From curating content to post on the right platforms to monitoring social media we can help you choose the right tools to manage your social media effectively.

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    Customer Relationship Management

    The base of all marketing campaigns, the core database plays a critical role in an organization’s sales team and manage customer records. The CRM if deployed properly and used effectively can act as a ready reckoner for targeting prospects and getting valuable insights for conversations. While the name Salesforce is synonymous with CRM, there are others that can provide good features at a lower price point.