Cambot - Sales Automation

CAMBOT or the Campaign Automation Software helps the business owners to respond to the right lead on the right time to convert the leads to a customer. This activity intends to show you from where the marketing lead comes, the current status and to render relevant insight to work on. This system helps in analyzing the systematic process for qualifying and nurturing the leads to convert the new business leads to the potential customers and explore more business opportunities.

Key Features

Campaign management to Capture leads

It helps in activating the leads from any given sources in real time and removes the risks of lead leakage. The tracker helps in understanding the digital campaign performance.

Distribution Workflows

The pre-defined workflow rules helps in assigning the leads to sales depending on the geographical location, product, the process or agents. Do not let yourself miss the leads due to inappropriate customer engagement methods.

Qualify and Prioritize

Make sure your leads are qualified and prioritized based on the customer personas, the behavior and action take during different course of interaction journey.

One View of Customer

By consolidating every piece of information about your users in one centralized location, you get a powerful overview of every action they performed – on their mobiles, on your website, online or offline.

Automated & Easy Communication

Make sure you do not miss any follow up with the task automation.

Identify Sales Ready Leads

Auto Categorisaiton of customers as per interatction and classify how close they are with sales. This helps business of provide right offer.

Quality Score

This feature helps in auto-qualify the marketing leads depending on the quality score before passing them to the sales team.

Easy Integration

The platform helps connect any of the 10-plus CRM & Telephonic partners to make the call making, call logging and customer information viewing easy at the same place. It helps in updating the results, to track down the call status etc. It also renders missed call notification and call analytics

Auto EMAIL & SMS with customised and pre defined templates

The automated workflow enables the emails and SMS on the various stages and helps to assure the communication.

Role Hierarchy

Access as per user role. All the users might not have complete system access. The access can be restricted to the only relevant leads depending on their customizable permission templates. Lead access can also be permitted depending on the time duration.

Activity Log, Alerts and Reminders

You can see all the logged activity here of a particular lead since it will help in mapping the path ahead with lead and to nurture the relationship for better. You can set reminders for informing the representatives for contacting the leads especially when any important date is near.

Automation Churning

One of USP of product is Auto Churning. System Identify the customers to be dialed as per pre-defined rules and connect with them on relvant time.

Quick Searching

This feature enables the users to search the leads based on different parameters like lead profiles and communication history.

Dashboards & Reports

Track everything on portal. The 40+ reports would help you to measure every single piece of the process – starting from the campaign spend to the sales closure rates.