You can create engaging courses within less time. Keep your contents and video uploaded encrypted. You can offer certificate courses, offer private courses, content dripping and more. This is a unique platform enabling you to distribute content to the users and arrange private courses as per your wish. Get Started below.


You can upload video (mp4), PDF documents, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, blogs and quizzes and securely distribute in your network.

You can embed videos from YouTube, Dcast or Vimeo. Videos from jSpring or other authorized tool also can be uploaded.

Make groups of different lessons in different sections for better content management and organization.

You can create coupons for different course offers and preset the price. Set a discount and set an expiration date or the coupon validity.

You can invite the students for group courses, mock tests and sell in a bundle. The bundled courses will give flexibility to the different course combinations.

We know how important your video lessons are for you, therefore, we keep all the videos highly encrypted to keep them safe. The videos streamed on our platform cannot be downloaded using any software or plugins.

You have an option to make certain private courses. You can make the private courses with ‘invite only’ option and that can be accessed only by invited students.

You can control the lesson release according to the classroom schedule or the sign up date of the students.

Your lesson courses can be accessed by the students even with low internet speed. The course videos are transcoded into different formats and the stream them as high or low quality video according to the student’s internet speed.

The platform helps connect any of the 10-plus telephonic partners to make the call making, call logging and customer information viewing easy at the same place. It helps in updating the results, to track down the call status etc. It also renders missed call notification and call analytics.

To scale the online teaching business globally we have the right technology that helps us to stream the courses and accelerates content delivery.

In the online business you can assign sub-admins for managing specific courses that are associated with the students. It will help you to manage your online business without much complexity. .