CAP - All-in-one Communication Platform

A Platform that gives a high level of marketing integration with audience intelligence that enables you to make personalised emails, create landing pages, create intuitive workflows for customer experiences and the capabilities to track your marketing activities.

Key Features

CAP automates the process of getting and nurturing leads generated from landing pages and forms, segments contacts, handles and sends workflow email, text messages, web notifications, social media monitoring, and integrating with your CRM and other technologies.

Contact & Tracking

On CAP you can easily keep track of your customers and new leads events based on action and triggers that having it set in you campaigns.You can take this a step further by adding custom fields to fully customise your customers profile / persona.

campaign & Email Work Flow

This automation feature is important for every business marketing program. CAP enables your business to set multiple processes and outcome based on custom actions and triggers, this can be scheduled for later date and time or triggered by an action made by a customer.

Drag & Drop Editor

  • If you want any element to appear in your template, simply drag it from the left side of the screen into the work area.
  • Change the background, text color, font size and style, as well as other parameters to suit your taste.
  • YouTube Video in Emails - Just insert a link to the video and SendPulse will load the preview for it..

Social Media integration

  • Integration of social platform / network has been made simple by CAP’s API functionality. It allows developers to connect and add different social networks to build relationship between B2B and B2C.